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You asked - we answer

Who are we? 

Concerned citizens just like you who decided to act and establish the "Barel Force" which arose from the severe distress of crime in the Negev (protection, drug smugglers, harassment and terrorist attacks)

How will the force help?

Our position is that the difficult situation stems from a lack of governance.
When there is a shortage of law enforcement agencies - crime raises its head.
The force will strengthen the enforcement agencies and increase the circle of security with a quality civilian force.

And what about the justice system? What good would it do if all the criminals were to be released?

We believe that great changes begin with actions from the field. We have recently noticed a slight awakening on the part of the judges in the Negev, they are also suffering from the situation.
We are in a state of emergency - we do not have the privilege of waiting for others.

Is the organization legal?

Completely! The force works in cooperation with the police and the municipality. In our eyes, there is only one goal - to add security to all citizens.
We take care of every citizen, whether a resident of the city, the localities and the various villages surrounding.

How are you different from a Civil Guard?

We are an independent force and there are several advantages:
A fighter will receive authority even when he is not close to a policeman.
We are not dependent on any political factors.
We are closer to the citizen, know its needs and the areas it needs help the most. 

What will be the force's structure?

The force will be divided into three blocks:
Quick-Response Squad - The elite company in the unit.

You will undergo anti-terror training and advanced training.

Squad - will undergo shooting training.
Its main role is to increase law enforcement presence and general security in the streets. 

Technical Squad - Not combat, its job is to manage everything from above.

how can I help?

Join Us!  We started a crowdfunding campaign in order to set up the unit in the best possible way.
The target is 1.4 million NIS which will be used by 50 fighters and first volunteers with vehicles.
Other details: 050-52121172

To submit a volunteer form, click below 


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