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Barel Patrol

Bringing security back to the Negev

The lack of governance in the Negev has left it bleeding for several years.

We decided in the Committee to Save the Negev that we will not sit back and actively work to change the reality. 


During the last year, the Baral Patrol, named after the Baral fighter Shmuel the 4th, has been operating volunteers and fighters in order to protect the house. 

A regional fighting unit of volunteers, which is a force multiplier and assists the security forces in routine and emergencies.

We collect donations throughout the year in order to purchase combat equipment and finance the unit's activities and training.

We need your help, people who care, to help fundraise!

Each of you is critical to the success of the operation.

The donation is recognized for tax purposes according to section 46

Donate now!

Only together with you will we succeed in restoring security to the Negev.
Remember: today it's us residents of the south, tomorrow it's you all over the country.
join us. Together we will save the house, together we will restore security to the Negev.
To donate go here

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come volunteer with Us

Active reserve service
Weapon license

Thank you very much, we will be in touch

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