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About Us


An apolitical organization of residents of the Negev designed to rescue the Negev from the problem of insecurity.

Residents of the Negev, Bedouin and Jews, we are a non-political and non-profit organization.

We are all worried parents, siblings, grandparents, who see the Negev dissolving in our hands.

We are done being naive!

We are done being silent!

A war for the home and the security of the Negev has started.

We will not accept our fate and we will not sit idly by.

We are Jews and Bedouin, who are not ready to accept the cartels of crime, protection, rape, street shootings, wild driving on the roads and terrorism.

Ben-Gurion said: "It is in the Negev that the creativity and pioneer vigor of Israel shall be tested." 
Unfortunately, at the moment, the Negev is in constant decline, and the scale of crime is growing rapidly.

If we do not take control and act, the situation will not get any better - it will get much worse.

It is in our power to bring change!

"Barel Force" - Its role will be to be a force multiplier for the security and law enforcement forces in the Negev, a high-quality civilian force of volunteers.

The force will work with all its might to reduce crime in the Negev and restore security to all residents.

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